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Autumn, fall landscape with a tree full of colorful, falling leaves, sunny blue sky

Have you booked your autumn staycation, and are having trouble finding activities to keep everyone entertained? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

This week’s blog at Perfect Parks looks at activities you can do whilst on your Autumn staycation. For more information about staycations, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 548903.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving can provide hours of entertainment, and it is a very inexpensive way to have fun. You could purchase a pumpkin from your local shop, or even head to your nearest pumpkin patch and pick one yourself.

Make it a family competition and judge who can sculpt the best pumpkin. If it gets a bit competitive within the household and you can’t decide between yourselves, why not take it to social media and let all your friends and family decide which is the best.

Traditionally, once pumpkins are carved, people usually place a tealight inside them and put them outside on display. This is a low budget, autumnal activity that you can enjoy whilst staying in your holiday home.

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Walking is a great way to relax and take in your surroundings. Activities don’t need to cost a lot of money for you to have a good time. Observe the eye-catching autumnal colours of the leaves, as you take a walk in the brisk autumn air.

If you are feeling brave, take a walk at night-time…it is spooky season after all! Take the scenic route around your holiday park to experience the colourful views close to home. Don’t forget to wrap up warm.

Beautiful young family on a walk in forest
Mature Couple On Autumn Walk With Labrador

Scary Movies

Scary movies are a good way to get in the spooky spirit. Cosy up on the sofa, grab a duvet, and some snacks, and let the movie marathon begin. A family movie night is the perfect evening activity.

Family Game Night

A family game night is a great way to come together and bond. There is a whole range of games you can enjoy. Grab your board games, cards, and snacks, and enjoy a family game night in your holiday home this autumn.

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