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Here is some information regarding running costs for holiday homes on holiday parks. All parks vary so ensure you ask the park you are interested in to give you a breakdown of their specific costs. However, here you will find some useful information regarding the usual costs incurred with holiday home ownership over and above the initial sales price.

This week’s blog at Perfect Parks provides you with a site fee guide. For further information about site fees, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 548903.

Site fees

Site fees are paid first and foremost to ensure your holiday home is on a safe holiday park; is connected to all the services required i.e gas, electricity, water, sewage and is positioned on a secure pitch/plot with a minimum safe distance between the next holiday home.

The park is responsible for a range of services being connected to your holiday home. Any piped gas (not bottled), water, electricity, sewage and waste issues will be rectified by the park as part of the site fees. However, anything inside your holiday home, for example, decking, ariel, internal blockages through waste, fuse boxes and all of your white goods are your responsibility, just like it would be at home. As a holiday home owner it is also your responsibility to maintain and upkeep the fittings related to bottled gas i.e regulator, jubilee clips, perishable rubber etc. Sometimes holiday parks have their own maintenance teams which will be happy to help you with your issue and recharge your account for any work carried out. The park may have an approved list of contractors they feel comfortable to use and pass on their details.

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In the more desirable areas of the UK it costs more to purchase the land and build a holiday park and so site fees will be higher.

Type Of Park

Site fees on lodge parks tend to be higher than caravan parks mainly due to higher infrastructure and upkeep costs.


Generally you will pay higher site fees on parks that have facilities. The facilities increase the staffing costs as well as a range of other overheads. A holiday park with a swimming pool, gym, restaurant/bar increases the park’s overheads significantly and a proportion of this will be added to your site fees.

Always ensure you pay your site fees promptly as requested by the holiday park as failure to do so may end up with you being asked to leave. If you are struggling to pay your site fees contact your park directly as they may have an alternative solution or payment plan.


Why do we need insurance? Your holiday home is your responsibility, so like your car, house and even mobile phone you need insurance to cover any accidental damages.
There are a number of specific holiday home Insurance companies. A simple google search will bring up a number of them but if you would like some specific information then you can get in touch with us and we will try and help. Just like with any other insurance, do some research and make sure you compare like for like policies. Generally a park will specify certain criteria you need to cover on your own insurance policy which should be stated in your sales documents.


Most holiday parks charge rates also (some may incorporate this into the site fees).
Why pay rates? The park will be billed from local companies or councils for the use of their services i.e United Utilities, refuse collection and sewage to name a few. The cost of these services will generally be split and charged to holiday home owners and referred to as rates. It is similar to “Council Tax” but for a holiday home.

Bear in mind you cannot pay council tax on a holiday park as it is NOT a residential property, you need to have another full-time place of residence where you pay and contribute to the running of the property. Holiday parks are designed for holidays only and if you wish to live in a park full time you would need to find a “residential park”.


As you would in your own home, generally on holiday parks you will have to pay for any utilities you use. This may be electric only, most will be gas and electric (water should come under your rates). Some new parks will have piped gas running to your holiday home which will be individually metered, the same goes for electricity. On other parks you may find you will have to use gas bottles, the holiday park will generally have a stock of bottles which you can order from reception. Alternatively, some parks will have a preferred supplier who may disconnect your empty bottle, replace with a new bottle and charge you independently.
The cost of utilities at present may be a bit volatile as energy prices rise and fall so ensure you ask what the charges may be (as you are heating and lighting far less the prices should be lower than you pay at home).


WiFi connections and availability varies hugely across the parks, some have access to telephone lines so you can have your own installed. This is something we recommend you check out with the park directly as it can vary hugely but most will have some sort of availability.
TV license If you are away from home and wish to access TV channels in your holiday home then you will need a separate TV License, this includes any BBC channels, streaming services or live TV. You may get asked for a copy by the holiday park who may take a photocopy in case the TV license agency comes to the park. This is your responsibility to ensure it is up to date and relevant.

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