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Static caravan Holiday Park in Prestatyn, North Wales, United Kingdom
Luxurious Static Caravans in a Holiday Park

Static caravans make up a large proportion of holiday trade in the UK. They are only for temporary use and can’t be permanently resided in. Static caravans will spend most of their lives on a holiday park and you can visit during the open months. Each park is different with its opening season so it’s worth checking.

This week’s blog at Perfect Parks provides you with a static caravan guide. For further information about static caravans, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 548903.

Finding A Static Caravan Park

When finding a static caravan park, you should consider your ideal location and the type of holiday that you want. For example, family parks, busy parks, or something a little quieter. Once you have decided on this, you should look at parks according to your budget.

Some parks charge more because they allow you to have free or discounted entry to their leisure facilities. This could be something that is important to consider depending on what you are looking for. Before making any decisions, you should visit the park and find out as much as you can. Don’t forget to ask about site rules.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Buying a static caravan isn’t just the one off cost for the caravan. Whether you are buying a new or used one, it will come with costs that you will have to factor in. Park fees are very likely if your caravan is located on a holiday park or caravan park. These prices can range from £2,500 to £5,000 plus. You should check these with the park for a more accurate number.

Electricity, water, and gas are running costs that you will have to pay. Parks charge for these monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This is very important to check with the park so that you’re not left with any unexpected bills.

Static caravans or trailer homes on grass plots in an English holiday park
Exterior of static home on caravan site in Filey, England

Choosing Your Caravan

There are so many different types of static caravan. A single unit is the most common type in the UK. A twin static is larger than a single unit, these are great for larger families. If you are looking for something more traditional, a log cabin is the perfect choice for you.

Another thing you should consider when choosing your caravan is whether you want a brand new one or a used one. Used units will be much cheaper than brand new ones. However, some used caravans are really well looked after, so this could be a cheaper alternative to purchasing a brand new one.

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