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There are so many different factors to take into consideration when purchasing a lodge. Finding your perfect holiday home in your ideal location can be stressful, however it can also be exciting. When purchasing a lodge, it is important to do your research before making a decision.  

This week’s blog at Perfect Parks focuses on things you should consider when buying a lodge. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us on 01524 548903.

The Lodge

When choosing your lodge, you should consider the number of bedrooms. Especially if you plan on having family round often. You should also consider whether you would like a single unit or a double unit, once again this is based on how many people will be in the lodge.

As you will most likely be spending a lot of time in your lodge, you should consider your storage options. Some lodges have large built in wardrobes and storage cupboard. However, others only have small ones.

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The Location

When choosing the location, you should consider how far you are willing to travel every time you want to visit. Although some holiday parks are open all year round and allow you to live there, others do not. That is something that you should check with the park If you wish to make the most of your lodge.

Another thing to consider when choosing the location is the surroundings, if you enjoy certain hobbies, you should choose a location that matches your lifestyle activities. If the family are visiting regularly you will need to entertain them as well.

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Renting Out Your Lodge

Some parks allow you to rent out your lodge. However, some may not. The reason some parks do not allow this is because they want to maintain a secure environment. If this is something you are looking to do when you’re not using the lodge, then please check with the holiday park before doing so. Renting your lodge out is a way for you to regain some of the investment that you put in when purchasing it.

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