Super Nova

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Providing you with the perfect balance of luxury and innovation.

The bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 people, and a fold-out corner sofa gives you extra sleeping places.

Sleeps 4-6

13m x 6.7m (87 m2)

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Using a modern method of construction and the latest in photovoltaic technology we have a created the first energy positive lodge of its kind. The all-electric Super Nova goes beyond Net Zero and creates enough energy to power the lodge but also creates circa 10,000KwH per year in excess energy that can be used to power other onsite facilities such as bar, restaurants, hot tubs, swimming pools, electric vehicles or with the addition battery storage systems this energy can be monetised by the sale to the grid.

The Super Nova lodge has an energy generation maximum capacity of 23,100 kWh – these are subject to orientation, shading and grouping so for a real-world figure.

The theoretical maximum energy generation from our full coverage energy positive Super Nova Lodge is 23,100 kWh / year

All our products are built to last and exceed the BS3632 standard . They also come with long warranties and a first class after sales service giving you the peace of mind for now and the future.

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